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Alternative Synergy The Company
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VooDoo Ray

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  Dear Raymond,

The power you donated to the dance community is infinite and will live forever through the people you loved and supported.

As shocked and heartbroken as we are, we want to say thank you for touching so many of us and fulfilling our souls with music and positivity.

A brother for so many, you were a close friend, father, a mentor, a business partner, a stunning dancer and a wonderful promoter. All of this covered by your rare humility and your classy sense of humor. You could find light where nobody could and never one time you have been selfish about sharing it with all of us.

Your passion for the arts was uncomparable and your motivation has been essential for the growth of the next dance generation.

You were and always will be the first one to believe in our vision and to offer us opportunities we are beyond grateful for and with us so many others. Our one and only talent scout who grabbed our hands and brought Alternative Synergy The Company on stage.

In this time of grief and denial we will make our responsibility to keep your legacy alive. We will do our best to keep supporting the dance community  you preciously and so effortlessly helped to shine.

We miss you and love you so much,

Alternative Synergy The Company

Photo Credit: Little Shao

Amanda Spilinga