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Our new ASTC video, “Hold Me Down” came out last week and we are so grateful for the excitement and love received. ASTC member Hara Zi and I are dancing on our favorite electric blue heel on the notes of “Hold Me Down”, by German artist “Lexer”, under the direction of Jalen Thompson.

In case you don’t know, dancing in heels has become extremely popular in the dance industry; it’s supposed to reflect female power. But looking at our video, I also thought how it might share the idea of perfection, the misleading feeling that it’s all about being a fit woman with sharp lines on a pair of heels. It is such a pleasure for me to share with you parts of the making of “Hold Me Down”, because ASTC is not scared to show imperfections. 

This video was not planned: after the amazing Debut, we needed a break. But after two weeks, my body started moving at the beat of Lexer and a sudden need to create got me to contact Hara and ask her to come to the studio to “play”. As we put something together, Hara said the magic words: “ Let’s make a video”. What started as an need of self expression, became such an intense process in such a short time. The choreography is technically challenging and one of the parts I love the most is Hara yelling multiple times: “NO! AGAIN!”. We shot at the location from 11:30 pm till 4 am, to only then realizing the floor was slightly downhill, which was making it harder for us to hold our balance in heels. We did laugh a couple of times, and we did drive Jalen crazy the whole shooting.

I want you to understand, dance for us is challenging creative work. It is not an addiction, but a pure passion and dedication that takes priority over everything else. Magic does happen on stage, but we definitely don’t let magic make the work for us: the process is what makes the difference, the process changes you. By saying that, what you see is the result of passion. It is not our bodies that makes it great, but what we chose to express with them. Loyally going through the process is the living proof we can all become a better version of ourselves and fall in love with it. It takes all kinds to make a world, but we share a starting point: we all human. At ASTC, we spend hours and hours trying to figure out what our bodies are trying to tell us and what we learned is that you have to let your emotions dictate your movement. Sometimes, you will have an explanation, sometimes you will not. And that’s why dance is important: it opens up conversation with our inner soul when nobody else (included ourselves) can.

I hope my words will inspire you to embrace what you think are your imperfections and get out your comfort zone, because the alternative version of you is waiting.

Choreography & Direction: Amanda Spilinga

Featuring: Amanda Spilinga & Hara Zi for ASTC

Shot by Jalen Thompson Edit by Amanda Spilinga & Elli Lytra

Music: Lexer - Hold Me Down (Girl) Feat. Audrey Janssens

Creative Purpose Only. Do not own the rights to the music.

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Here some moments of “ Hold Me Down” - The Making Of

password: astchmd

If you haven’t seen yet, enjoy our new work “Hold Me Down”!

Thank you so much for reading!

Amanda Spilinga, Artistic Director

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