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hara zi

Hara Zi is a dancer, actress, yoga teacher and strong chess player born in Athens, Greece. She begins studying Chemical Engineering but soon gets captivated by dance and graduated from the professional dance school "Anna Petrova" in Athens. 

Thanks to the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation scholarship in 2010 she traveled to New York to pursue her studies at the Jose' Limon Institute. In 2011 she continued her training as scholar of Attica Tradition Educational Foundation.

She fell in love with ballet and contemporary dance but after moving to New York City she started exploring and training in different dance styles, improvising and creating movement, thinking of the body as an organic instrument with no limits, just expansions. 

As an actress, she performed for Encuentro 2014 at Los Angeles Theater Center, BAM Fisher, TED Platform Connectinut TED Athens. She is a proud member of ASTC and also works for Dancers Unlimited, Rod Rogers Dance Company and Intar Theater's Unit 52 Ensemble.