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Alternative Synergy The Company


klassic carella

Joseph Carella had the blessing to learn at a very early age the reality of being out of his comfort zone. 

The ASTC Italo- Afroamerican artist cultivated the passion for dance in his early twenties, particularly for the art of Flexing, a raggae/dancehall style. The more his style was evolving, a stronger evidence of how his movement  expected more from him. His dance name became "Klassic", based on his abilities and goals to create perfect moments with his dance, that turn into "classics".

 Eventually his researches took him to explore new worlds, such as learning contemporary, house and jazz technique. 

The encounter with Amanda Spilinga prepared interesting paths for Joseph. He is the first street dancer Amanda had the honor and pleasure to train and create with, when ASTC was not established yet. He eventually became company member and started teaching Flexing to the company. 

His love for Flexing is confirmed by his innumerable performances with the Flexn team D.R.E.A.M Ring.

He has also been amateur winner at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC.