Alternative Synergy The Company
Alternative Synergy The Company


ladell thomas

Known as "Mr. Ocean," Ladell Thomas is  specifically popular for his body control and animation technique. 

He brought the art of popping into ASTC as an exceptional alternative which declared the beginning of a new whole perspective towards isolations and waving in the company. 

Familiar with Dancehall and Hip Hop as well, Ladell's interest in floorwork and contemporary art forms became an essential motivation that got him to upgrade to a 360' dancer. 

Beside teaching professionally in major dance schools, he is also an actor and improvisational comedian, which adds on to his unique style of dancing.

Ladell's surprising music selection and his unreal body movement bring the audience to dive into an ocean full of notes, feeling and intensity.

ASTC is proud to have Mr Thomas driving you into a personal trip to undiscovered parts of your bodies to finally start a conversation with the most inner part of your soul.