Alternative Synergy The Company
Alternative Synergy The Company



alex shi - Photography 

      Alex Shi is a photographer and multimedia producer from China and currently based in New York. She has worked with artists from different cultural backgrounds to deliver her own artistic  vision. She has been focusing on making short films recently, telling stories related to mental health, loss and crisis management. Alex Shi Productions's mission is to bring creative artists's vision to reality without compromising it. Sh e directed and produced ASTC website's portfolio as  well as most ASTC promotional videos. 



Busy Beds is the project of Tyler Agnew, also of Everyday Life and Blue Plutos. The project’s new EP, The Internet is the Real World, veers in an entirely new direction — one where ethereal soundscapes and lush samples are incorporated. Like Everyday Life or Blue Plutos there’s an incorporation of serene folk-minded acoustics, but Busy Beds seems to be more embracing of the electronic side, which perfectly matches ASTC's music style and influences. The result is an unpredictable soundtrack, a rare balance that captures several audiences attention. 


elli lytra - film & production 

Elli Lytra is Founder of LADYBUG NY(www.nyladybug), a Creative Digital Studio based in NYC.  Born and raised in Greece, she has a demonstrated history of working in the Marketing and Advertising industry for the last 10 years. She has strong Video Production skills both in Film & Motion Graphics Animation.  

Elli has been both the Videographer and the Video Editor for Alternative Synergy the Company. Every time she is trying to capture not only the best moments, but also provide with conceptual and creative promo videos.


li sabas - musician

LI is a literary, visual, and performing artist born & residing in New York. His multidisciplinary body of work draws from a wide array of mentorships and self-learning, which uniquely culminate into a plethora of poetry, compositions, film, and more. The eclecticism of LI's work does not take away from his philosophical axiality; on the contrary, the diversity of styles and tones LI internalizes centers around his multifarious comprehension of self. Thus, LI's work documents an exploration of the infinite question: "what is 'I,' & why?"



Andrea (or Andy) Pelazza was born and raised near Turin in the North of Italy in 1985. His passion for music grows at the age of 12 and during late 90's he starts DJing for Italian clubs playing house and euro dance music.
He then found his voice through the world of radio stations and since 2007 he is a broadcast engineer, sound &
music designer and image producer from the smallest web radio to the biggest FM stations. His collaborations during the years cross Italy and Europe, from Milan to Rome, from London to Barcelona.
His first trip to NY was in 2012 when he met Amanda Spilinga, and since then he started collaborating with ASTC. 
He would not be able to do what he loves the most without his special dogs, Aaron and Maya, the best studio assistants ever!