Alternative Synergy The Company
Alternative Synergy The Company



nicholas porter

A vibrant personality and a storm of powerful movement is what best describes Nicholas Porter to represent ASTC.

Ambassador for the art of krumping in the company, his qualities also include rap and music production. 

After years of solo career into the NYC krumping community, he joins ASTC where he discovers the passion for many other dance forms, that will define him in the future as one of the most completed professional artists of today. 

House, partnering, jazz, krump, popping, floorwork, contact technique are fundamentals in his art vocabulary. 

Fusing krumping into ASTC repertoire gives Nicholas the chance to expose his creative and original dance work to the audience. Energetic, unexpected, athletic, fresh and spontaneous, Porter's stories invite the audience to unleash their emotions bringing that extra sparkle that the crowd and ASTC itself  have been noticing and loving from day one.