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noel rodriguez

Incomparable is the essence of Noel Rodriguez, Frostlock his dancing name.

From locking to house, from popping to contemporary, he has experienced it all.  Thanks to his fluency with choreography he has been able to use his art form in many different fields (films, music videos and prints).

 Noel has toured internationally with such artists as Lumidee, Paula Deanda and with the Feliciano Dance Company, he can be seen in music videos by Mario, Fabolous and Alex Young and he can be spotted on "Step Up 3D" and "Remember Me".

 Frostlock won his first Lockin competition at the age of 20 and has been building his skills as a Locker ever since. He has been studying with world renowned Locker Shocka Lock and he is also member of the PJ Lockers.

Spectacular moves and explosive temperament, through his clean and persuasive movement he inspires positivity to anyone around him.