Alternative Synergy The Company
Alternative Synergy The Company


Amanda spilinga 

Amanda Spilinga started her journey of becoming a versatile artist at age 11. She took lessons in Ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary. After spending some time doing acting and singing she knew dance was her calling.

She started to achieve recognition by known choreographers as up and coming dancer at 16. She went on to receive many scholarship offers and winning competitions between the ages of 16 and 19. She was able to complete a year of courses and receive the certification as professional modern dance instructor from the International Dance Association at the age of 17. She achieved all of those while studying as an interpreter and translator in foreign languages.

She was exposed to street dance culture after traveling to NYC, which expended her dance vocabulary and was able to unleash her creativity. 

Ever since when she was a little girl, Amanda has been impelled by the need to share her passion for dance with others. She began teaching contemporary dance class to all dancers, regardless of their experience in dance. That passion propelled her to join ASTC in 2014. 

The company embodies Amanda's core values. It is comprised of dancers from many nationalities, backgrounds and dance styles. She is taking many different voices and merging them to create a story that will resonate with many. Since the company's inception, they have performed in clubs, theaters and TV.